Welcome to the The Chuckles Prophecy WikiEdit

This is the Prophecy of Chuckles.  Its the fate of the universe so you better not leave.

Important PeopleEdit

  1. Chuckles
  2. Emerson
    1. He will found the Ink Masters in order to try to rid the government of officials he believes are not suited to lead.
    2. He will kill Noah in an effort to take down Warrior Ring.
    3. His ship gets gunned down on R-day.
      1. He will be the only surviver
      2. From the river he both stumble on Aidan's lab.
      3. He will become one of the members of Justice Titins.
  3. Noah
  4. Aidan
    1. A.K.A A-Train
    2. Right hand man to Chuckles, succeeds Noah
  5. Owen
    1. A.K.A Shadow
    2. Co-founder of Power House
  6. The Chosen Ones
    1. They will help a select group of humans unlock natural powers
      1. The humans will be Chuckles, Noah, and Owen

Important GroupsEdit

  1. Ink Masters
    1. Founded by Emerson to rid the government of officials he believes are not suited to lead.
    2. Most members die on R-day.
    3. 5 years after R-day survivng members learned that the group was secretly founded by the government.
  2. Warrior Ring
    1. founded by Noah in order to fight the Ink Masters.
    2. Most of the members are people that think they will be targeted.
    3. It is not a government funded program but most members are government officials.
  3. Justice Titans
    1. Founded by Aidan.
    2. Group of metahumans that over throw bad government groups.
    3. Aidan himselfs becomes one of them, with super speed and a metal body.
  4. Power House

Important EventsEdit

  1. R-day
    1. Finale battle between The Ink Masters and The Warrior Ring.
    2. The Ink Masters would win the battle but at heavy number costs.
  2. F-day
    1. Marks the fall of the Government.
    2. Happens 4 years after Chuckles leaves the government
    3. He leaves to help Aidan with research.
  3. G-day
    1. Aidan will finish all of the tests on people making the Justice Titans.
    2. This marks the begin of the roads to an age of peace and prosperity
  4. E-day